MEET LINDSAY: from PhD to Doula Services

The piece that I love most about doula work and childbirth education, and the piece that lets me know this is my "forever job," is the joy of working with families through this incredible experience in their lives. Pregnancy and childbirth can be joyous and also can be challenging. Support matters.

My unusual path to doula work...

I have always been interested in the "whys" and the "hows" of different systems. The same inquisitive pieces of myself that led me to disassemble and reassemble radios and clocks as a child led me into the hard sciences (I was an atmospheric chemist in my previous career); then, into doula work and childbirth education. I have a passion for evidence-based information, for understanding the physiology and structure of systems and for helping others get excited about learning too.

After the amazing home birth experiences of my daughters, I began daydreaming about birth work. I had the incredible privilege of being able to quit my job in academia to pursue midwifery studies and start my own doula services business.

From my previous career, I carry with me a deep respect for research and pride myself in staying up-to-date on current literature in the field of maternal care. In addition to informational support, I have enriched my doula credentials with workshops in Spinning Babies, Hypnobirthing, acupressure for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, am currently enrolled in a midwifery program and am working toward becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. I am deeply connected to Baltimore/Washington area resources for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My clients have described me as warm but with a lighthearted demeanor, gentle, and calm (and they say I give a great massage).


As a Certified Professional Birth Doula, my doula services are customized to fit your family's wishes. Learn more about how I can support you through the process!


I am thrilled to offer Gaithersburg and Columbia area group childbirth classes that are the perfect blend of evidence-based and informative, and fun and engaging!

When I'm not up all night at a birth or teaching workshops...

I am the mother of two children and love hiking, biking, and reading in my limited spare time. I am passionate about food and cooking and I have a vegetable garden that I love to dig in with my daughters. After years of moving and living all over North America, I have just settled back at home in Maryland and am thrilled to be close to family and old friends!

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My personal birth philosophy:

As a doula, I do not believe there is a right way or best way to give birth; However, I do hold strong beliefs about birth;

  • 1 I believe that how a person births is greatly impacted by their life. It would be unreasonable to expect that a person would be able to labor and birth in a way that is contrary to their experience and personality, desires and beliefs.
  • 2 I believe that every expecting family will have needs that are unique and personal, and should be respected. My goal is to guard the space for each birth to occur as a family chooses.
  • 3 I believe that childbirth is a Rite of Passage and deserves to be honored and held as a life changing experience for a birthing person and their partner, involving and affecting the whole self, mind, body and spirit.
  • 4 I believe that all birthing people have a right to experience their birth in a manner that preserves and enhances their lives regardless of race, gender, mental/physical disabilities, or relationship status.