Yes you really can have an antepartum doula for pregnancy!

Need extra support during your pregnancy but not sure if you want a doula for your birth? You can choose to work with me just as your antepartum doula!  I’m happy to help smooth your transition from pregnancy to baby with the resources and support you need. My pregnancy doula support is always tailored specifically to your needs and desires.


Why hire a doula during pregnancy?

I find antepartum doula care to be an excellent match for the following types of families:

  • You and/or your partner are anxious about the birth/new baby and you want extra support from a professional with knowledge about childbirth and newborn care.
  • You are having a difficult pregnancy that is making it harder to “do life” i.e. bedrest, preecclampsia, hyperemesis gravidarum, and other high risk situations.
  • You are new to the Maryland area healthcare system and want referrals and information for local providers, groups, and practitioners.
  • You are lacking family support.
  • You want quality time to really talk through how you are feeling about your upcoming birth, your growing family, and your self.
My role as your antepartum doula:

My antenatal doula services are provided on an hourly basis during your pregnancy, so you decide the quantity & type of support you need. My role might be more focused on emotional and informational support, providing a listening ear, helpful resources, and guiding you through your pregnancy with confidence. My role as an antenatal doula can also include physical support, when needed, for those who are on bed rest or very ill through pregnancy. My pregnancy doula services can take away the daily stresses, so that you can relax and focus on yourself and your baby. I am happy to do light housework, shopping, cooking, childcare and run occasional errands, as necessary. As an antenatal doula, I offer gentle guidance, unbiased information, encouraging support and a sense of humor when appropriate.


Choose the support you need:

$35 / hour**
  • ✓ Listen to your fears and concerns about birth and parenthood and concerns and helping you refocus.
  • ✓ Referrals/recommendations to support groups, organizations and professionals.
  • ✓ Relaxation techniques and confidence-building exercises in preparation for your upcoming birth.
  • ✓ On bedrest? My support can include light housework, shopping, cooking, childcare and run occasional errands, as necessary.

**Daytime support only.