Birth Doula Support for Baltimore/Washington Area Families

Do you wish you had someone who could guide you in what questions to be asking in those brief meetings with your providers? Someone who is also there to get to know you and your birth team on a deep and meaningful level before the birth of your baby, someone who has learned about you and your preferences and wishes? Someone who is there by your side to advocate for your wishes and to ensure your preferences are heard? What if that someone happened to be a great mix of funny and serious, calm and assuring, and pretty smart and connected to area resources that can serve you best? That might be me... As my college's tagline said: "we aren't for everyone, but maybe you're not everyone!"


What is a birth doula, exactly?

A birth doula is like an incredibly knowledgeable and connected best friend who helps you prepare for the birth of your baby by exploring your options, preferences, and desires. A birth doula supports you emotionally, physically, and with evidence-based information throughout your pregnancy, labor, and early postpartum periods. They act as a sounding board for your anxieties and concerns and help you get the answers from your providers that you need to make informed choices about your care. A birth doula there for you from the moment you decide to work together to help you have the most informed and joyous experience possible.

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During pregnancy:

I’ll meet with you (and partner, if applicable) at your home. We’ll discuss how you are feeling physically and emotionally, how your pregnancy is going, and discuss the options you will have in labor and the early postpartum period, and what your preferences are around those options. We’ll talk through any questions, concerns, or fears you might have. If you plan to make a “birth plan,” we can work through the things you may want on there. We will also devise a postpartum plan and talk about what to expect in the days/weeks postpartum. By the time of your labor, your support team should feel like a seamless support network of people.

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On your birth day:

Occasionally, everything goes exactly according to plan; however, frequently, hiccups and challenges pop up along the way. If you are planning to give birth at a birth center or hospital, your nurses, midwives, and/or OBs will work in shifts. I, on the other hand, would be there continuously, drawing on my knowledge and experience to help you have the most joyful and informed childbirth experience possible. When you feel the time is right, I will meet you and your partner at either your home or the hospital/birth center.

After your baby is born I will help with skin-to-skin and breastfeeding/chestfeeding, if you are planning to do so. If desired, I will also step back and take the first photos of your new family so your partner can enjoy the first moments and not feel pressured into taking pictures.


After your birth:

In the days following your birth, I will be readily available to answer questions, give recommendations on area resources, and to support you in any way that I can. Sometime, typically between 1-3 weeks following your birth, I’ll visit you at your home to see how you are doing and how you are all adjusting to life with your little one. We can rehash your birth, if you like, and I can support you directly or provide area resources for support to help make your transition into a new or larger family as smooth and joyous as it can be.

MOST POPULAR! This comprehensive package is ideal for first-time parents so you can have the best possible transition as a new family.

  • ✓ One 3+ hour prenatal home visit or 2 x 1.5 hr visits
  • ✓ Unlimited email, text, and phone support
  • ✓ 24/7 on-call availability from 38 weeks**
  • ✓ Continuous support during labor and birth**
  • ✓ One postpartum home visit
  • ✓ Back-up doula

Designed for parents having another baby, this package offers more streamlined support for families who are already experienced in birth and baby care.

  • ✓ One, brief (~1.5hr) prenatal visit
  • ✓ Unlimited email, text, and phone support
  • ✓ 24/7 on-call availability from 38 weeks**
  • ✓ Continuous support during labor and birth**
  • ✓ Virtual postpartum support
  • ✓ Back-up doula

** When I schedule a client, I block off their estimated due date plus and minus two weeks. This doesn’t mean that I would not be at your birth if you went into labor outside of those times. I schedule it this way so that if I were to plan to be out of town for any reason, I wouldn’t do so when I had a client that was within 2 weeks of their estimated due date.


"She was phenomenal during labor…

Hiring Lindsay as our doula was the best decision we made in a pregnancy filled with lots of choices and expenses. She was down to earth, grounded in science, and factual without a hint of judgment. We shared books and research as I prepared mentally for labor, and she recommended other practitioners (acupuncture, massage, chiropractor) that made a big difference in my 3rd trimester. Despite all of my preparations, I was so glad to have her as our coach and mentor when reality hit! I was able to be much more present because she walked us through what was happening and what to expect next, physically and emotionally. I’m so grateful she was with us.”

Genna W.


"She kept me focused…

I can’t begin to describe how important Lindsay was to me as the birth partner. She spent an uninterrupted 24 hours with us during an exhausting labor, coaching my wife as labor progressed (walks, massages, food and water, jokes, breathing and visioning, etc.), giving us the nod when it was time to go the hospital, and then staying up all night and guiding us through a challenging, but wonderful, labor and birth. She kept me focused with reminders and tips of the best ways to support Genna, brought humor to the situation when needed, and no-nonsense advocacy with nurses and doctors when required.”

Jonathan P


"One meeting with Lindsay and so much of my anxiety disappeared…

I can not imagine my pregnancy and birth without having Lindsay on our side. When my husband took a new job and moved across the country at 30 weeks pregnant I knew I needed extra support. Lindsay offered me the reassurance that if my husband didn’t make it back in time I would have someone I knew and trusted at my side. I set out to have a natural birth and spent months visualizing and working towards that goal. My birth ended up being full of interventions and was nothing like how I envisioned due to our daughter’s small growth and other circumstances. Lindsay knew my preferences and offered reassurance and guidance as things went ”off course”. I look back on my birth and truly believe without her support my entire experience would have felt so different. Her encouragement, her physical presence, her reminders that even though I didn’t have the birth I wanted, I still gave it hell. It allows me to look back and feel strong and thankful for the experience and our beautiful baby girl."

Liz M.


"We were so grateful and lucky to have Lindsay…

We didn’t have the delivery we had hoped for or anticipated—an unplanned c-section after a very long labor. But in retrospect, I have only positive feelings about the experience—and I know much of that is due to Lindsay’s presence there. For my husband in particular—who was more anxious and emotional about the prospect of a c-section than I was—she was a remarkable source of support and comfort, and also helped him to support me more effectively. One of my concerns with hiring a doula was a fear that I would feel like I was imposing if, for example, my labor went on too long and I asked “too much” of them. Lindsay never made me feel anything but supported. When we wanted to get some rest, Lindsay pulled out her camping mat and joined us—never suggesting she’d rather be anywhere else. I’d always assumed that I wouldn’t “need” a doula for a second baby—but if we’re lucky enough to have another kid down the road, I’ll be calling Lindsay again.



"Supportive, present and filled with knowledge…

One of my friends had suggested that I contact Lindsay because she had just had an amazing experience with her during a long labor. When I first spoke with Lindsay, I felt like we clicked. During the labor my husband and I were blown away with her level of support, strength and wisdom. My husband and her worked like a seamless team to help support, aid with pain and help keep me in ‘the zone.’”

Jennifer Dawn

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"My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a doula...

My husband wasn’t sure if a doula would “make a difference.” After my birth, he remarked that he was so glad Lindsay was there to support us. Not only did she make a difference, but she was integral in ensuring that I had an empowering birth experience. I appreciate how she balanced an evidence based approach with a non-judgmental attitude, being upfront about what has been proven to work (or not) when I asked her, but never pushing one approach over another. I felt respected and listened to, and went into labor feeling prepared instead of fearful.”

Lisa P.