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What You Should Know About Recovery From A Cesarean Section.

By Lindsay Wolff | October 7, 2019

Whether preparing yourself for the unexpected or researching what to expect after a planned cesarean, it can be hard to find reliable information on what to expect from the recovery. The reality is that nearly 30% of babies born in the US are born by cesarean; while this rate is astronomically and unnecessarily high (the…

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Continuous Labor Support Was Left Behind When Birth Moved Into Hospitals.

By Lindsay Wolff | November 14, 2018

The support of a continuous labor support person. As human beings, we fare better, especially in new or stressful situations, when we are surrounded by those we have a trusted and loving relationship with. Historically, labor and birth support persons were friends and family members who had gone through childbirth themselves, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters.…

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Announcing: Beantown Babies

By Lindsay Wolff | August 20, 2018

Introducing the opening of Beantown Babies! Emily Newberg and I have dreamed about opening a brick and mortar location for prenatal workshops, classes, and parenting support groups since we began collaborating in 2016. Now, our dreams have come true! We have opened Beantown Babies in the heart of Roslindale Village and could not be more excited to…

Brigitte Arle of Rooted Boston showing yoga position

Prenatal Yoga: Becoming a Parent one Class at a Time

By Lindsay Wolff | March 15, 2018

This is a very special blog post. First, it is my first (of many) guest blog posts; but, certainly more importantly, it is written by someone that I respect, appreciate, and love more than I would think possible of someone who I really just met. Brigitte’s background in dance, pilates, yoga work, midwifery studies, lactation,…

Ali Vander Baan of Yintuition Wellness

Provider Spotlight: Ali Vander Baan, M.S., L.Ac.

By Lindsay Wolff | March 9, 2018

Ali Vander Baan, owner of Yintuition wellness and co-founder of Jinjur herbal remedies! I can’t possibly be more excited about today’s spotlight provider. I first met Ali when we jumped right into a collaboration together and organized an acupressure workshop for childbirth professionals. We hit it off immediately! I was drawn to her passion for…

Julie Brill IBCLC of WellPregnancy Lactation Consultant

Provider spotlight: Julie Brill, IBCLC, CHLC, CCCE, CLD

By Lindsay Wolff | January 29, 2018

Julie Brill does it all! Whoa boy, am I embarrassed of how long this took me to put together! Julie was one of the first people I came across when I started dreaming of becoming a doula and childbirth educator. She is among the most respected members of this community and has been dedicated to…

2018 Workshops, Classes, etc.

By Lindsay Wolff | January 12, 2018

Classes and Workshops: Preparing For Childbirth Classes We’re co-teaching the Preparing for Childbirth Classes at Root & Sprout! To accommodate various schedules, this class is offered as a 4 week series or a 1 day program and will provide you tools and information to prepare for the birth of your baby. Next offerings: Feb. 2018…

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Oxytocin: so much more than the hormone of love!

By Lindsay Wolff | December 15, 2017

Oxytocin & Pitocin, what’s the difference? Oxytocin is perhaps the coolest hormone that I know of. Not only does it regulate social interactions and sexual behaviors and play a key role in maternal-infant bonding and breastfeeding, it is also so much more! Here’s a fun list of what oxytocin does in our bodies {1}: stimulates…

Rachel O'Brien IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Provider spotlight: Rachel O’Brien, IBCLC

By Lindsay Wolff | October 22, 2017

I struggled like hell breastfeeding my first child. For the first 6 weeks of her life, I would cringe and often cry each time she would latch. I had very little support and didn’t know where I should go to get it. In retrospect, I should have reached out to my doula; if she couldn’t…

Ece Yildirim of New Moon Acupuncture

Provider spotlight: Ece Yildirim, L. Ac., New Moon Acupuncture

By Lindsay Wolff | September 16, 2017

Many of you know that my family has made its first real home here in Watertown, MA. We have loved becoming a part of this community. So, when a new perinatal care specialist moves into town, I get super excited! Ece was connected to me by another friend, Shirley Anne, and we got together for…