What You Should Know About Recovery From A Cesarean Section.

newborn baby from birth becomes her

Whether preparing yourself for the unexpected or researching what to expect after a planned cesarean, it can be hard to find reliable information on what to expect from the recovery. The reality is that nearly 30% of babies born in the US are born by cesarean; while this rate is astronomically and unnecessarily high (the…

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Prenatal Yoga: Becoming a Parent one Class at a Time

Brigitte Arle of Rooted Boston showing yoga position

This is a very special blog post. First, it is my first (of many) guest blog posts; but, certainly more importantly, it is written by someone that I respect, appreciate, and love more than I would think possible of someone who I really just met. Brigitte’s background in dance, pilates, yoga work, midwifery studies, lactation,…

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Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy

pregnancy anxiety and depression

I promise my next post will be more lighthearted; but, today I want to write about anxiety and depression during pregnancy. I hope that all of the readers of this blog will go and talk to someone else about this topic so that we may begin to understand and normalize these experiences like we have…

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