We know that informed and empowered parents make decisions that work for them and that this leads to more satisfying birth experiences and stronger families. My childbirth classes provide the information you can trust and foster the confidence you need.


Why childbirth classes?

I am a certified childbirth educator and have taught classes in hospitals, in small groups, and as private classes in peoples homes. I have taught classes on Prepared Physiologic Birth, "Not Your Heteronormative Birth Class", "Birth While Flying Solo" for Single Mothers/Birth givers, and Newborn Care classes, as well as led workshops including "A Partner Workshop for Labor and Birth", meditations for birth, and lead new parent groups. I would love to chat with you about your wishes for childbirth education and new parent support and see if I may be a good match for you!

physiologic birth workshop

Planned Cesarean Birth Preparation

birth doula labor support boston

Prepared Physiologic Birth: Minimizing Unnecessary Intervention.

Partner Labor Support Workshop

A Partner Workshop for Labor and Birth

All classes are LGBTQIA+ affirming and I use non-heteronormative images and materials whenever possible (it's nearly impossible to find good birth videos) and inclusive language always! I am a trauma-informed instructor and care deeply about creating a safe and supported environment in my classes.