New research shows doulas reduce cesarean rate by 60-80%- benefit mostly occurring in wealthy, white demographic.

The American Journal of Managed Care recently released a study that shows hiring a doula can decrease the likelihood of giving birth by cesarean by up to 60-80%! That is truly an incredible effect! However promising this statistic, 40% of the participants were not even aware of doulas. The report also states Black and publicly insured women were almost twice as likely as White, privately insured women to report wanting but not having doula care. In other words, it seems as though doula care is becoming another example of healthcare disparity. This is just unacceptable. Further, the blogs that are getting the most attention around this article (HERE, Here, here, and there are more…) don’t even mention the fact that this disparity exists, so basically they are just boasting how great things are for white women who choose (and have the choice of) doula care. It is going to take me some time to digest what this means for my practice above and beyond offering low-cost, pro-bono, and barter services. Meanwhile, I am working on my own digest of the article that touches on the disparities made evident therein.

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