Postpartum Doula Support

If I was your birth doula, I’m happy to provide you with postpartum doula services to help you have a smooth transition into life with your new baby. As of November, 2018, postpartum services will no longer be offered to non-birth clients, as managing this side of my business is a full-time job.


What does a postpartum doula do?

The tasks I will provide as your postpartum doula will depend on your needs that day but may include support and baby care, breastfeeding / chestfeeding support, and emotional support. I'll even help out with light housework or meal prep, because the last thing that you want to think about when you are bonding with your new baby is the laundry that needs to get done or the dishes in the sink or the vegetables that need to be chopped. Let me provide the support you need so that you can snuggle up with baby and feel confident and cared for in your first weeks.

COST: $35/hr daytime, $40/hr overnight

postpartum doula services


I can answer questions about cloth diapering, baby wearing, baby bathing, trimming those little baby razor claws and walk you through all of the steps as you gain proficiency in these things and much, much more. Maybe your goal for the day is to take a much needed nap, in which case you can rest assured that your baby is in safe and loving arms in just the other room.

postpartum doula chestfeeding support


Learning to get the proper latch and how to hold, latch, and feed your baby all at the same time can be frustrating in the beginning. It is a steep learning curve for both baby and you. I can help troubleshoot and, when necessary, refer you to a lactation consultant.

postpartum depression doula


The lack of sleep, regulation of hormones, and new routines can make adjusting to life with a new baby challenging. Additionally, many new parents experience varying degrees postpartum depression and anxiety. I can listen and refer you to additional community resources, if needed.