Ali Vander Baan of Yintuition Wellness

Ali Vander Baan, owner of Yintuition wellness and co-founder of Jinjur herbal remedies!

I can’t possibly be more excited about today’s spotlight provider. I first met Ali when we jumped right into a collaboration together and organized an acupressure workshop for childbirth professionals. We hit it off immediately! I was drawn to her passion for the work she does, her deep knowledge and expertise in her field and her desire for community over competition in her work with other practitioners. I hope you enjoy our little Q & A as much as I did!

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about what brought you to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and specifically women’s health issues and fertility/reproductive health?

A: I discovered the incredible power of acupuncture and herbal medicine through my own struggles with stress and hormone imbalance. After years of unresolved stress, it began to finally manifest as a constellation of neurological symptoms–chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, migraines, poor concentration, and menstrual irregularity– to name a few. The message to “slow down!” was finally received when I began experiencing sudden, intermittent blindness and unilateral paralysis. It was a wake-up call to listen to my body. When conventional medical diagnostics failed to provide any conclusive answers or solutions I decided to see what acupuncture and a more holistic approach had to offer. Through the lens of Chinese medicine, my acupuncturist was able to discern the subtle disharmonies that were wreaking havoc on my nervous and endocrine (hormonal) systems. Together, we addressed them with a course of consistent acupuncture treatments, herbal formula supplementation, and diet and lifestyle modification. Within a matter of months, I went from depressed and exhausted to vibrant and exuberant! This experience offered me an invaluable lesson in attuning to my body’s messages and intuition. It also exposed me to the empowering and healing capacity of a holistic approach to health.

I’ve always had curiosity about women’s health.  As I studied more about reproductive health, I realized how little we are educated about our own bodies.  It became a passion of mine to educate patients on the incredible capacities of their bodies and empower them to take control of their reproductive health.  I have found a combination of treatment and patient education to be very effective in restoring balance to reproductive health and promoting fertility.

Q: Besides your specialty, can you tell us more about what makes your practice unique (style of practice, time getting to know clients, etc)?

A: At Yintuition Wellness we provide individualized care to men and women seeking a holistic approach to their health concerns. Our highly customized treatment approach includes a combination of acupuncture, manual therapy, nutrition and lifestyle consulting, and herbal medicine, depending on the individual. We maintain a special interest in women’s health and hormone balance, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care, and are known for our focus on addressing the underlying imbalances at the root of infertility and other women’s health conditions. We are proud to be an integral part of a patient’s road to recovery, whether from an injury, digestive issue, or hormone imbalance. Witnessing the progress our patients’ make with the support of our services is the most rewarding part of our work. The therapeutic relationships we build with our patients is what sets us apart from others. We spend extensive time getting to know each person as an integrated whole and as a unique individual. That time spent enables us to build a relationship in which patients feel supported, which has a powerful impact on their recovery.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your background in acupuncture and your journey through the educational piece of becoming an acupuncturist?

A: I came to acupuncture first as a patient.  I found Chinese medicine to be not only effective but empowering.  It offered a way of viewing my body that resonated with me deeply.  Shortly after resolving my own health issues, I enrolled in an acupuncture program simultaneously with a pain management program at Tufts School of Medicine. At the end of 4 years, I joined a successful practice where I was trained in a neurology-based approach to acupuncture. I brought this approach into my own private practice in Back Bay, where I treat a wide variety of conditions from headaches and migraines; neck pain and back pain; stress, anxiety, and depression; to chronic fatigue and IBS. My primary focus; however, is on women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy.

Q: I absolutely loved doing the acupressure workshop together last year and would love to do one again in the future. Can you tell us about some of the future workshops and activities that you see yourself participating in or hosting?

A: I love offering workshops to educate people on how they can care for themselves at home.  In addition to the acupressure for labor and delivery workshop, I also offer a workshop for infant medical massage.  I think another fun workshop would be one focused on natural ways to prepare for labor- acupressure, herbs/teas, exercises, etc.  Having now gone through pregnancy and labor myself, I know there is a lot of talk we can be doing to prepare our bodies and minds for labor.  It would be great to do a workshop that educates mothers-to-be from various perspectives- acupuncturist/herbalist, doula, midwife, yoga instructor, etc.  I’m also working on a workshop to educate women about how to enhance their chances of conceiving with information on understanding their cycles, signs of fertility, and lifestyle and diet modifications that can enhance fertility.

Q: What is your vision for your business in the future? 

A: I envision expanding my practice to include more like-minded practitioners, both acupuncturists and other referrals who specialize in women’s health.  I want to continue to create a sense of community both among colleagues and patients.  I’d like to offer more workshops and create a more comprehensive care system for my patients.  I’d also like to expand my practice to include more pediatric care.  I find many parents who are interested in a holistic approach to their children’s healthcare but may not know where to find it. Providing pediatric care seems like a natural progression from preconception, through pregnancy and into postpartum.  My colleagues and I have advanced training in pediatric acupuncture and are eager to see more young patients in our office.

Q: During the time that has lapsed between our Q&A and me publishing this post, you have started a whole other company! Can you tell us a little about your new ventures with Jinjur?

Jinjur is an herbal product line my colleague and fellow acupuncturist & herbalist, Katie Pedrick, and I have been working on for the past year.  It is a complete line of herbal drops that can be added to any drink or taken directly to support anyone who could use a little less stress, a little more energy or sleep, and more vibrant and healthy hair, skin, and nails.  As herbalists and acupuncturists, we both recognized a need for a natural approach to the most common complaints our patients present with: stress, insomnia, fatigue, and lackluster hair, skin, and nails.  We developed our products to address this need and bottled them in liquid form to make them accessible and easy to use for the busy modern woman.  We have had such a great response since we launched in early March and the feedback is consistently positive!  We are eager to see where it goes and get the drops into the hands of women who could benefit from them.

If you would like to try Jinjur drops, use discount code BM10 for 10% off your first order, just for Birthing Matters Doula Services Blog readers!

You can find more information about Ali, Yintuition Wellness, and Jinjur on Facebook (Yintuition Wellness and Jinjur), Instagram (@yintuitionwellness and @jinjurshop), and on their websites (Yintuition Wellness and Jinjur).


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